The Console uses mlproj as its project manager. To install it, just use the following (or read the full install notes):

npm install mlproj -g


Clone or download the GitHub repository.

The branch master corresponds to the latest stable release, whilst develop is the main development branch. For the latest features and bug fixes, use develop.

Do it!

To create the Console own databases and app server, execute the following from the download directory (the one containing the src/ directory):

mlproj -e prod setup
mlproj -e prod deploy

It installs the Console on localhost, on port 8010, with user "admin/admin". You can now access the Console on http://localhost:8010/.


If you want the app server to get the modules from the file system, instead of creating a modules database, use the dev environment:

mlproj -e dev setup
mlproj -e dev deploy

You can also override the host and/or the port number on the command line (use -z to get prompted for the password):

mlproj -e prod -h newhost -p port:9000 setup
mlproj -e prod -h newhost deploy

Instead of overriding some values on the command line every time (e.g. if you have to change the host name), you can create a new environment file in xproject/ml/, which copies or imports either dev.json or prod.json, and set different values as needed.

If you call your environment default.json, you don't even have to use the -e dev option on the command line.

See mlproj help or for details.