The ML Console provides tools to assist you on your daily tasks with MarkLogic.

Or simply to help you get started.


The browser provides you with a web UI to browse the documents and collections in your databases. It exposes the URIs as if they were paths on a filesystem, allowing you to browse them like directories and files.

You can also inspect the content of a specific document. JSON and XML are syntax-highlighted and indented, you can see the info of the document, and even change most of them: properties, permissions, metadata, etc.


The job manager allows you to define, launch and monitor long-running jobs, comprised of several tasks, executed one after the other.

Jobs are very well suited if you need to perform some operation or computation on a lot of documents, and this cannot be ensured to be done in one single transaction.

They cover "migration" and "evolving data model" issues, but are much more general than only that.


The goal of projects is to provide a set of tools for management of everything related to code (at the granularity level of the "project".)

You want to organize code, browse its inline documentation, deploy it, etc. The peoject manager is for you.

"For better results, use it with mlproj."


The document manager let you create or delete documents in a convenient way, by using web forms instead of writing code. You can upload a file, a ZIP file containing lots of documents, or even managed triples.


The profiler gives you a UI to profile XQuery code. It displays the results in a sortable table, but you can also download the result and load it back. You can also use that data to make some computations, or compare several runs of the profiler on different versions of the code.


Feedback is welcome!

Feedback welcome. Open an issue on Github or contact me on Twitter (or by any other means you are aware of.)